How to draw a Penrose Triangle

I’ve always loved impossible shapes. However, they can be tricky to draw. Here, you’ll learn how to make one particular impossible shape, the Penrose triangle.

Draw 3 parallel lines, evenly spaced. Rotate and copy them at a 60 degree angle, twice. You should now have three sets of parallel lines. Make sure that the ends overlap fully, and that there’s a triangle space in the middle. Other than that, the groups don’t need to be perfectly lined up.

Draw an extra line segment in the corners, as shown. Select everything, and use Divide from the Pathfinder tool.

Now we’re going to merge the shapes back together. This part is color coded to make it easier to follow. You can do this using either the Unite function from the Pathfinder tool, or the Merge function from the Shape Builder tool.

Done! Add colors or gradients as desired.


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